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New Feature Added 'Redirect on Serve'

A new feature has been added to the LineupApp waitlist software to improve the utilization of organizations in different industries.

The 'Redirect on Serve' feature allows organizations or businesses that require a continuous process or multiple subsections to redirect their customers from one counter to the other without having the customers go through the process of joining another waitlist. You can now direct traffic between different lines.

Making use of this feature can be as easy as navigating to the <Settings>, <Customize>, <Redirect Serve> on the website.

With this feature, businesses can now create a queuing system when more than one line is needed to manage the traffic of guests.

Instead of ending the process when a guest is served, you can set up the system to enter them into another line.

To start, you will need to first have all your lines available at the top left drawdown.

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